• VEGIBIT 100% Vegetarian for Adult & Puppy
  • VEGIBIT 100% Vegetarian for Adult & Puppy
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VEGIBIT 100% Vegetarian for Adult & Puppy


Nutritional Composition

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CANIFIT VEGIBIT a complete and balanced alternative to a meat-based dog food. Contain provide for puppy and adult dogs with the same essential nutrients found in diets with meat as the protein source. Energy packed diet that helps enhance boost immunity and supports enduing pet health. It also supports digestive health and natural defences ,strong muscles, bones and teeth as well as supports coat health. We do not use any meat or meat by products in this formula.


Soybean, meal, soybean oil, isolated soya protein, cereals and and cereal by products, disclaim phosphate, vitamins & minerals, iodized salt, milk powder, choline chloride, pea powder, carrot powder, hydrogenarated vegetable oil, permitted preservatives and antioxidents.

Feeding Guidelines
  1. • The given feeding guidelines are average and very according to age, activity, size & temperament of your pet.
  2. • Dry pet food only
  3. • Do not forget to give your pet fresh water in a clean bowl and change it frequently.
  4. • Preserve the product in a dry, cool & ventilated place please destroy when the expiration date is over. Avoid serving if the product changes its appearance.