About Us

20 years of experience!

At Akira Pet Industrise Pvt. Ltd. we believe in creating Pet food that nourishes the whole pet, from giving them energy to chase a ball or conquer a feather, to providing them with cutting edge nutrition that gives them more healthy and happy years with you.

Our team of nutritionists, continuously aim to make discoveries that better the lives of pets everywhere, everyday. We know what it's like to obsess over your pet's nutrition, after all most of us have pets of our own. All pet lovers wonder about the quality of the pet food given to their pets and that's why, we at Akira Pet Industrise Pvt. Ltd. work hard to ensure that our products are perfectly safe for pets.

We've spent the years building our trusted reputation, and we go the extra mile to make sure it stays that way for the next hundred years. To us, no detail is worth overlooking when it comes to taking care of pets.

We also manufacture different pet products ranging from pet medicine, conditioner, bedding, accessories, and feeding etc. goods. We create every pet product with great precision that ensures top quality, high durability, and perfection. When manufacturing pet products we took special care to make sure that our products provide the utmost comfort and well-being to pets while still staying up to date with the latest pet fashion.