About Us

Akira Pet Industries Private Limited is a manufacturer and exporter of Pet food. The ISO 22000:2018 & 9001:2015 certified company here to provide your pets healthy and nutritional foods. We have expertise in pets food business; our products have wide range formula for dogs, cats, fish, turtle, birds, rabbits and hamsters. Our factory is based in 24 Pgs. (N) West Bengal with the head office at Kolkata, India

Our team of nutritionists continuously aims to make discoveries that better the lives of pets everywhere, every day. We know what it's like to obsess over your pet's nutrition, after all most of us have pets of our own. All pet lovers wonder about the quality of the pet food given to their pets and that's why, our entire manufacturing and packing process strictly quality protocols are practiced, to ensure it result in a perfect nutrient rich pet food that is safe and delicious. Our passion and the love for animals will provide complete and balance diet for your pets

Vision & Mission


Akira Pet Industries Private Limited was established with the objective to enhance the quality of life of pets with care and continually innovate products therefore ensuring that the products and services of the company. It will help to build a good relationship between you and your pet.


We commit to deliver the best quality products and services to our consumers. We develop knowledge and ability to being of your pet's health. Bring innovation to ensure the wellbeing of your pet's health.

Our Value


We focus on creating new products and formula for quality improvement and consumer experience.


Our strategy is aimed to commit for social, environment, and economic responsibility.


We commit to deliver products that meet global standard and the best service to customers.